Free Accordion Slider v2.6 – Responsive and Touch Accordion download

Free Accordion Slider v2.6 - Responsive and Touch Accordion download


Dear friends Accordion Slider is probably the best jQuery accordion slider on the market. You can test it here and decide for yourself.

For Designers

Fully responsive – provides 2 responsive modes: auto and custom
Touch-enabled – supports touch swipe and tap gestures on mobile devices and mouse drag on desktop devices
Dynamic layout – automatically change the orientation from horizontal to vertical or vice versa
Layers – animated and static layers
Image Swap – automatically change the background image when the panel opens
HTML content – supports any HTML content. Using images is not necessary
Retina-ready – you can specify a higher resolution version of the image, that will automatically be used on high PPI screens
Lazy-loading – will load only images that are in the visible area
Pagination – allows multiple pages of panels
Keyboard navigation – it’s possible to navigate through the accordion (panel by panel or page by page) using the keyboard’s arrow keys
Deep-linking – link directly to a panel, from another page of from the same page
Automatic video control – automatic integration with YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 video, Sublime Video and Video.js
XML and JSON support


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