The Daily Press: Super Simple WP Publication Theme free download

WP Publication Theme free
Do you know “The Daily Press: Super Simple WP Publication Theme free download” is so beaitufull for website.Provide easy environment for bloggers and website developers and designers to make website or run blog or website smoothly.

The Daily Press is a super simple publication theme for WordPress. This site was designed and built for businesses wanting a similar presence on the web as the New York Times and other prestigious news organizations.

“The best publishing theme ever.” – shokemyster
“I love it.” – devotionmagazine
“This is super nice! Can really tell you put a lot of thought into it…” – WPHead
“Nice work buddy! Purchased and loving it!” – sugarbowlaustralia
“Great theme and looks really good on my site! Thank You.” – wampajoe
“Nice theme! works great. Known issues: none!” – fancony
“Up and running in no time – really easy going. I love it. Money well spent!” – Harald75
“Brilliant theme – it’s literally perfect, simple, clever, flexible!” – happyglassesuk

        • Adaptive layout – displays additional content on larger displays
        • Works perfectly with the iPhone/iPad “Reader” button
        • Supports Google custom fonts library
        • WordPress custom background support
        • “You might also like” pop-out box to promote new articles
        • Designated advertising spots
        • Custom print CSS for printing articles
        • “Sticky” widgets – keeps the last widgets in view
        • 4 Custom Page Templates:
          • Staff List
          • Subscription page
          • Sitemap
          • Login page
        • Unlimited link color options
        • Easy logo customization
        • WordPress menu support
        • Super easy admin panel using the OptionTree Plugin
        • Easy thumbnail images with built-in WordPress system (no TimThumb)
        • ** FREE ** version upgrade if you purchased this theme
        • Advanced jQuery animations and effects
        • Looks pretty on an iPad
        • installation (NOT
        • PHP 5 +

        Resources Used

        • Images from PhotoDune authors:
        • buchachon –
        • chrisroll –
        • dotshock –
        • elenathewise –
        • solarseven –
        • yuri_arcurs –
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