WPML MEDIA V2.1.18 plugin free download

WPML MEDIA V2.1.18 plugin free download

WPML Sticky Links v1.3.17 When you add a normal connection to a page or a post, WordPress spares the URL of that page as the connection. That is to say, if the URL changes, the connection is broken.

WordPress makes it very simple to change page addresses, bringing about every approaching connection to become penniless (404 blunder). Here are a couple approaches:

Change the page’s guardian

Change the slug

Change the site’s permlink structure

WPML keeps changes in URLs from breaking approaching connections. When you make a connection, WPML consequently makes it Sticky. Rather than putting away the URL of that page (at the time the connection was made), it stores the page number. This can never show signs of change, regardless of what you do.

At that point, when the page is shown, WPML embeds the permlink of the page you’re connecting to. At whatever point the URL transforms all pages connecting to it upgrade quickly and will connection to the right address.

Your clients will never see these “peculiar” connections. Rather, WPML will supplant them with the current permlinks while showing the pages.

WPML Sticky Links v1.3.17 controls

When you empower the Sticky Links module, you can control what strings it handles. Go to WPML->Sticky connections.


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