UberMenu v3.2.2 – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu v3.2.2 is an easy to understand, exceedingly adaptable, responsive Mega Menu WordPress module. It works out of the crate with the WordPress 3 Menu System, making it easy to begin yet sufficiently effective to make exceedingly tweaked and innovative uber menu arrangements.

Completely Responsive

Mega or Flyout Submenus

Good with Mobile gadgets, including iPhone, iPad, and Android


Assemble propelled submenu designs with the implicit section framework

Simple to utilize

Quickly create Mega Menus from your pages, posts, custom connections, or any substance!

Works out of the container with most WordPress 3 Menu-Enabled Themes

Incorporates straightforwardly with the WordPress 3 Menu Management System – work with the framework that you know and love!

Completely Configurable

Dropdown CSS3 Transitions

Shift Up, Slide Down, Fade, or None

Trigger Hover, Hover Intent, or Click

Incorporates 25 prominent Google Fonts

Vertical or Horizontal menus

Different UberMenus can be designed autonomously

Responsive and Mobile

Responsive design

Configurable Breakpoint

Bound together Touch Experience crosswise over OSes (incorporates touch support for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 )

Discretionary submenu close catches on touch

Freely placeable responsive switch

Shroud things for various screen sizes

Selected Submenus

Tabs can be arranged left, right, top, or base of substance boards

Click, Hover, or Hover Intent can be arranged autonomously from the principle trigger

Static or Dynamic substance

Simple to Customize

Change menu hues, sizes, and textual styles with the Customizer’s Live Preview

Modify singular menu things’ styles right from the Menu Item Settings

Disentangled CSS selectors make composing custom styles a breeze

Incorporates LESS templates for designers

UberMenu v3.2.2 Changelog

v3.2.2 December 8, 2015

* Feature: Responsive Images ( WordPress 4.4+)

* Feature: Submenu min tallness setting

* Feature: Collapse menu bar on ScrollTo setting

* Feature: Disable UberMenu on Mobile setting

* Feature: Disable Top Level Item Dividers setting

* Feature: Disable Custom Menus Panel Walker setting

* Feature: Disable Dynamic Posts Author Selection setting

* Enhancement: Tweak Control Panel styles for WordPress 4.4

* Enhancement: Allow guardian term selector to go through Column and Row things with Dynamic Posts

* Enhancement: Provide console cautioning if different thing sorts are recognized in Menus Panel (from topic custom walker)

* Enhancement: Prevent clients from having the capacity to make clashing menu setup IDs

* Enhancement: Automatically incapacitate auto-segments highlight if there are no youngster things

* Enhancement: Detect settings load disappointment and presentation proposal notice

* Enhancement: Add new WordPress 4.4 nav_menu_item_args channel and UBERMENU_ALLOW_NAV_MENU_ITEM_ARGS_FILTER steady to empower it

* Enhancement: Remove sensor parameter from Google Maps, as it is no more required

* Enhancement: Force shroud submenus on versatile when menu is broke down

* Enhancement: Update Font Awesome to v4.5.0

* Fix: Adjust flight submenu cutting so that left-flying submenus can grow past 2 levels

* Fix: Submenu cover when utilizing vertical-adjusted guardian submenu position on vertical-situated menu on portable with flyout submenus

* Fix: _() to __() to maintain a strategic distance from additional contention cautioning in administrator just notice of misconfiguration

* Fix: Add CSS style case to right cushioning when utilizing a smaller than normal thing when submenu pointers are crippled

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