make an android application for your site regulated in only 5 minutes without paying for anything or for any one.

Addresses 23

Video 1 Hours

Expertise level all level

Dialects English

Course Description

I have no clue how to program, code or make applications. Is it accurate to say that this is course for me?

Absolutely.I’m not a developer myself. I fabricate sites as a profession and i was searching for the least demanding and speediest approach to transform my WordPress sites into genuine downloadable applications.

On the off chance that you have a site โ€“ you can have a Webview application inside a couple of minutes.

Android App for WordPress site or any site in 5minutesโ€“ how it work?

In side the course you will get my task document for android studio with a webview property simply import into your android studio and alter your site name that is it your android has prepared โ€“ in side the course you will discover orderly procedure to get it going.

What is a WebView application?

A WebView application is a local application which anybody can download from the application stores and introduce on their gadgets.

Will i need to overhaul my site in 2 places?

No ๐Ÿ™‚

The WebView application you will make, acts like a mirror-it takes your site as-is and demonstrates it in the application window.

Why making an application for my site?

You know there are a large number of sites out there for any corner you can consider. So having an application for your site will help you support the things takes after.

Emerge from the contenders

Will enhance your client engagement

Manufacture brand and acknowledgment.

Make direct showcasing channel.

You will be noticeable to your clients constantly.

Are there any shrouded expenses?

You will need to enlist as an Android designer. Any individual who needs to distribute applications in Google Play Store must enroll as an engineer. The procedure is simple and it costs a one-time charge of 25$.

What are the necessities?

Will have the capacity to make applications for any site

Will get the top notch addresses.

What am I going to get from this course?

More than 23 addresses and 52 mins of substance!

Only a longing to make application

few free programming projects

Android App for any site in 5minutes

What is the intended interest group?

Site proprietors who need to send quick and prompt notices to your perusers and clients

Bloggers who need to connect with their perusers .

Consultants who need to make and offer the application for the clients.

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