WooCommerce Delivery Slots v1.7.2 module empowers your clients to pick and hold a conveyance date and time for their request.

As an administrator, you can characterize accessible conveyance days, and additionally arrange particular time spaces. You can set an extra expense and “lockout” number for every time opening; on the off chance that you have a set number of drivers every night, you can confine particular time spaces to a specific number of requests. On top of this, you can characterize days in the year where conveyances can’t be made; ideal for characterizing occasions and breaks.

The module accompanies a completely customisable shortcode, which permits your clients to hold their date and time opening for up to x minutes; giving them bit of brain all through their shopping procedure that their conveyance can be set aside a few minutes. Your client’s held time opening will be pre-filled on the checkout page, where they can likewise transform it in the event that they like. In the event that your client hasn’t held a date and time opening, then they can basically pick one at checkout. You can characterize whether these fields are required.

Once the request is handled, your client will see an affirmation of their conveyance date and time, alongside the various request data. You will likewise have the capacity to see these points of interest in the backend on every request; making it simple for you to arrange your conveyances successfully.

WooCommerce Delivery Slots gives you an awesome determination of elements, which are frequently upgraded and added to. These include:

“Forthcoming Deliveries” tab for administrator clients.

“Right now Reserved” tab for administrator clients.

Datepicker and time opening determination field at checkout.

Empower conveyance openings for particular delivery strategies, with similarity for the most well known transportation modules.

Least and most extreme selectable conveyance date.

Completely translatable, with a few dialects bundled.

Pick which days of the week conveyances are accessible on.

Empower only the date field, or the time spaces too.

Permit appointments up to (x) minutes before space begin time.

Lockout after (x) appointments for every space, on a solitary day.

Limit opening to particular postcodes or postcode ranges.

Extra charge per space.

Limit space to particular days.

Occasion days where conveyances can not be made.

Save a space while you shop, which terminates after (x) minutes.

Profoundly customisable reservation table shortcode.

Handicap same day conveyance if current time is after (x).

Handicap 24 hour conveyance if current time is after (x).

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